All about forgiveness

Hello everyone!  The week’s Energy Set is all about forgiveness.   If you’re new to the Weekly Energy Set, you can find out more about it here. I’ve wanted to do a meditation on forgiveness for a while because forgiveness washes away a lot of garbage in our space.  Forgiveness gives us permission to release, let go, and move on.  Forgiveness is a very neutral, high vibration.  I often see it clairvoyantly as a gold color.

Some religious practices, and even religious figures validate the miracle of using the vibration of forgiveness.  Baptism, for example, is designed to wash away all sins and allow one to be born anew.  By consciously running your vibration of forgiveness, you are allowing yourself to be renewed, to recognize yourself as a divine creative being, and to let go and begin again.

What types of energy can forgiveness help me with?

Forgiveness is the great Washer-Away.  (Yes, I have made that up, but I conveys the meaning I want.) They energies I find that it helps us get neutral to are karma (energy created from actions we’ve done in the past or the future), punishment–especially self-punishment, and control or competition.  The latter two I often find come in the form of trying to “be” whatever we are “supposed” to be.  For example, the perfect daughter/son and trying to meeting expectations of ourselves or others.  Timelines are a great example of these expectations:  “By the time I’m _____________, I plan to have (done)/be ___________.”  While it’s great to have goals, when we don’t meet them, or it takes longer than expected, we may unconsciously hold that against ourself, limiting our creativity and joy in our life experience.  We may also punish ourselves for getting stuck.  It’s the “getting stuck” trap that forgiveness is great at getting us out of.  When we get unstuck, we can step away and see ourselves, and whatever was/is bothering us, in a new light.

Ready for a healing?

Simply click on the link below to practice meditating on, and receiving your vibration of forgiveness.  Do it as many times as you want!  The more, the better!  Have a great week!


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