Relationships:  Yay! EWW! or Don’t remind me!

Hello everyone!  The week’s Energy Set is about setting your space and in doing so, learning a tool to cleaning out your relationships with others 

Why should I take time to clean out my relationships?

Relationships, one way or another, get charged.  There’s hefty emotion and experiences  past or present, attached to them, which creates a loop of continuous misunderstanding, dependency, pain, you name it.   Taking time to look at and clear the space with another enables you to another’s energy that you are holding onto.  It also empowers you to reset the energy between you, and see them (and yourself) clearly as spirit.

Ready for a healing?

Click play to meditate on and clear your vibration of forgiveness.  Do it as many times as you want, and notice what happens as your week unfolds. Have a great week!


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