What is the weekly energy set?

The Weekly Energy Set is a meditation designed to focus your attention on a particular theme or energy.  They vary anywhere from 15-20 minutes in length, and may be done anywhere.  However, it is recommended that the first time you listen to any one Weekly Energy Set that you do so in a quiet space (not driving!).  The Weekly Energy gives you the opportunity to work with the same energy throughout the week, should you choose.

What is the value?

The Weekly Energy Set, besides giving yourself space to allocate a small amount of time to your spiritual well-being, teaches you how to set energy for yourself.  When we set energy for yourself, you are validating yourself as a spirit in a body.  You validate yourself as a conscious creator and tell the Universe that you make your life on your terms.  You also learn how to turn lemons into lemonade:0)

How do i access it?

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