Energy setting:  What does that even mean?

To me, it means taking your intention and using it to manifest what you desire and shape how you experience your daily life.  So, what is your intention? Ask yourself how you want your life experience, day in and day out, to unfold? This can be an experience of your day, week, an important, upcoming event; of anything really.

When you set energy, you are creating an agreement; a conscious agreement.  This agreement is first and foremost between you and the Supreme Being, or you and your Higher Self.  When you set energy, you are choosing to set yourself apart from the pack. You are consciously choosing to do things differently rather than match the status quo. 


Why is setting energy important?

Setting energy puts you in charge.  It allows you to own more of your crown chakra, meaning you are inviting more of your own energy into your space.  You are making a point to the Universe and yourself, to consciously set the tone of your experience with your own intention and energy vibration, rather let the tone of the energies around you do it for you.  

Does everything go just so when I set the energy for my day?  Most of the time, but not always. What does change though is how I respond when things don’t go as planned.  I am less angry, more calm, less anxious and less frenetic. I find it easier to focus my energy. I also find it easier when something does go wrong to not react.  This means I control my gut, so to speak; I think out my reaction rather than spontaneously do something that I might regret. Also, I don’t let the energy of what I’ve experienced control me–meaning I don’t let it rule my day.  It becomes easier to get out of an experience and be in the present. 


How does this play out in real life?  Here are some examples:

Case in Point 1: Setting energy can create ease and effortlessness when planning for events.  Recently I hosted a party that was very spur of the moment. A friend came to me asking if I knew of any local  activities for young children to celebrate Easter. I did not. Instead I offered up our building’s community space. Once I made the decision to commit to hosting the party, things went underway effortlessly.  In three days’ time members from families of our building, in addition to families of my friend, came together to create a celebration for our children. While many of us were strangers, we set the energy together, creating agreement.  When everyone is in agreement, there is only space for success. 

 From a psychic perspective, I set the energy with color (which has been my MO ever since attending psychic school).  From an intentional perspective, all of us wanted something special for our little ones. There was no competition, only agreement and support.  For this reason, everyone had a wonderful time. 

 Setting energy is a continual process, especially when it comes to creating space for those things that are near and dear to our hearts, as sometimes a lot of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety can take over in our attempts to manifest them.  

 Case in Point 2: After I returned from volunteering abroad, I knew that I wanted to purchase a home.  It was a thought that consumed me and intuitively I knew I had a limited time to do it. I searched and searched for First Time Homebuyer programs, and finally found one that would work for me, given my income.  The only thing I needed to do was win a space in an affordable housing lottery.  

 It took me two years of setting energy to get my goal.  And not everything was easy-breezy. What setting energy did for me was bring the right program into my life with the right community loan officer.  I also enlisted spiritual support around my goals to clear out foreign energy.  And though I rarely win anything, I did win a spot in the housing lottery.  This meant a new condo in a brand new building. I remember my fear and panic right before looking at the lottery results, and then again when it came to putting down the down payment.  That meant it all was real. 

 And before I signed papers and moved in, there were still energy hiccups.  Yet setting my intention and setting a color, having a support team that was in agreement with me, and letting go of perpetual fear uncertainty allowed me to create space to receive my goal.  


How can you set energy for yourself?

Setting energy is as simple as picking a color and energy vibration that you feel in tune with.  Some days I set my day at yellow, others blue, and others green. I notice I set my days in these vibrations because they represent different aspects of joy, sunniness, tranquility, and growth.  

 Simply pick a color that you like, that represents whatever vibration you’d like to call into your life; or whatever vibration will help you get done what you’d like to get done.  For example, when walking to work in the morning, I take a few minutes before getting out of the car, and also during my drive to think about what I want to accomplish. I say hello to the Supreme/God and thank her for my day.  Then I pick a color for my day. Sometimes the color pops in and sometimes there’s a whole bunch of colors. Some days I choose two colors. Let’s say for example that I want to conduct a good class with clear communication–or that I’m giving a presentation at a meeting and I simply want it to go well.  What I do is close my eyes, take a few deep breaths and invite the Supreme Being in. I tell her what I’d like, and visualize the top of my crown chakra being at that color.   

Setting energy is not for the faint of heart; yet the more you do it, the better you get at it and the easier it becomes.  Ideally it’s best to set energy while in a meditative state. However, it can be done anywhere–it only requires quiet, visualization, and  focussed intention.

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