Why work with new moon energy?
New moons are an opportunity to initiate new cycles; to focus our attention on our goals and desires.  While a full moon is about release and letting go, new moons are about starting over, beginning anew, and renewal.  They offer an extra boost when it comes to focusing our energy, setting goals and manifesting. This month’s new moon is in Virgo, happening August 30.  Virgo is all about health, routines, being of service, and attention to detail.  

How does Virgo manifest itself in one’s chart?
As with anything, all these qualities are good in moderation.  With Virgo in one’s chart you may notice there is sometimes struggle with boundaries.  One can also be highly ethical, to that point that they miss out on life’s opportunities while walking the straight and narrow.  Virgo’s are wonderful organizer’s, and will manage the tiniest, utmost details with aplomb. However, that same quality can manifest itself as getting overly caught up in perfection, so much so that there’s no pleasing Virgo, wherever she may land in your chart.  Virgos also love being of service; they are great nurturers and obtain a sense of fulfillment when helping others. They can chafe though if they’re not appreciated and can sometimes fall into the trap of being treated like a doormat. 

Do you have Virgo in your chart?  Each part of your chart houses different qualities and traits.  You can find out where Virgo enhances them in your chart here. And whether or not you find her in your chart, there’s great areas to work and focus on as we begin this phase of the moon.

Where to focus your energy and wishes with the Virgo New Moon
So, what do you want to use the energy of Virgo for in this New Moon cycle?  According to Jan Spiller, a Virgo New Moon is a powerful time to reset and focus around giving and receiving, health, diet and exercise, and organizing.  It’s also a good time to release limiting perfectionistic ideals and judgemental tendencies.  

  1.  Release judgement, criticism, and expectation of yourself and others:   I’m really good at looking neutral on the outside, but I don’t like my head talk, which can be overly critical of myself and others.  I, and I catch myself with implicit bias. Sample wish:  I desire releasing judgement that controls who I see and experience the world around me.
  2. Reset/create healthy habits that will make you feel good:  Last month I started focusing more on my diet and exercise habits.  This was because my allergies are out of control and I have high blood pressure.  As heart disease runs in my family and I hate having to use my inhalers several times a day, I decided to make a point to reform my diet and sedentary ways.  Make whatever your wish around this specific to you. Sample wish: I desire continuing good habits around health and exercise.  This means eating good, whole food daily, and exercising at least 3x a week.  
  3. Renew, or establish new goals:  One of my goals, both this year and last, is to work on being able to give to myself; to be able to heal myself and put myself first (at least several times a week).  If I’m healthy in spirit, I’m healthy in body. Similarly, if I do activities to validate my spirit, I have more space to do activities that validate my body. What goals do you have, or want to get back to?  This new moon is the perfect time to refresh. Sample wish: I desire that I maintain a vibration of self-healing and miracles throughout my space so that I can manifest my deepest goals and desires.  
  4. Get organized and make room for clean!  I have a low tolerance for mess. I’ll try and try to not let it bug me, but after a while it just gets under my skin.  When my house and work space are clean and tidy, I notice that I’m calmer throughout my day AND am more productive. Sample wish: I desire easily and effortlessly cleaning my home on a weekly basis.  I also desire that I have support and helping hands when it comes to cleaning itself, and maintaining the clean.
  5. Specify how you want to receive your wishes and goals:  Do you want them to come in while your trying to juggle a million things?  Do you want to experience them as a surprise, or out of the blue miracle? For me, I always like to include the vibration of grace when I say hello to how I’d like things to manifest in my life.  Sample wish: I desire all wishes to manifest in grace and effortlessness. I also desire effortlessly creating space so that I may have my heart’s desires. 

That’s it!  If you want more info, or are stuck on where to begin, check out the New Moon wishing guide. In the meantime, have fun creating and receiving your wishes and goals!



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