Sagittarius + You 

Sagittarius reminds us of our sense of adventure and allegiance–to self, and others. Sagittarians know what they want and when they want it.  The new moon in Sagittarius invites us to say hello to our sense of adventure, to be bold, and as I’ve been reminded of late, to stand your ground–meaning not to compromise nor give up on your hopes and dreams; to hold steadfast, no matter the challenges come your way.   On a more somber note, Sagittarius reminds me to be true to myself with the law of Honesty.  This means having the willingness to have hard, conversations with yourself and others. For example, if you don’t like a situation that you’re in, and can’t seem to get out of, having a conversation with yourself around what might be holding you back allows for an opportunity of acknowledgement, acceptance, and finally, release, so that you may move forward on your path, ready to embrace whatever experience (and present you give yourself) next. 

And because this new moon is so close to Thanksgiving, acknowledging what your grateful for will create space for you to bring in your harvest and bounty.  It’s like what John Gray says, “Want what you have so you can have what you want!”

Where to focus your energy and wishes with a New Moon in sagittarius

  1. Start with gratitude:  Having an attitude of gratitude does wonders energetically.  It eliminates any self-competition and doubt, and allows you as a spirit (and your body) to release fear, shame, and guilt–all energies that can corrupt the creative flow in the manifesting cycle.  Before wishing, list what you’re grateful for. If there’s something you hate or can’t stand, frame it in the way that you’re grateful for the opportunity to grow from whatever situation is challenging you. Sample wishes:  I desires experiencing gratitude in every aspect of my life, which enables to validate the abundance in my life as well as the force of my creativity.  I desire releasing shame/guilty/sorrow/and fear around my creations and replace those emotions with joy, validation, and a positive sense of self.
  2. Be honest with yourself:  Use these wishes as an opportunity to let go of limiting or self-sabotaging behaviors that impede your sense of adventure and readiness to bring it all (all the good, that is) in.  Sample wishes:  I desire being open and honest with myself around discovering, and then releasing, any/all toxic relationships/self-sabotaging behaviors that keep me stuck in the same _______ cycle.  I desire going within daily/weekly for a period of ____ minutes in order to say hello to myself and that which I truly desire, while releasing any/all energies that limit my ability to create positive change in my life.
  3. Stand your ground: It’s very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, especially with the holidays upon us.  There’s demand, out of the blue circumstances beyond our control, and expectations. Yet despite these challenges and frenetic energies, it’s vital to stay grounded and focused on what’s important to you, whether it be a particular goal, belief, or long-term vision.  Sample wishes:  I desire releasing others’ desires and expectations from my space so that I may better focus on myself and goals with greater clarity.  I desire releasing all nay-sayer energy from my space so that I may embark on my path and new adventures with greater confidence and certainty.
  4. Say hello to your sense of adventure:  Where would you like to make a change in your life—shake things up a bit?  Sagittarius reminds us to break up the monotony in our lives by breathing new life into the mundane, and/or breaking free entirely of what no longer serves us and embracing something altogether new. Sample wishes: I desire allowing myself to break free of routines, tasks, and beliefs that limit my experience of myself and of life itself.  I desire experiencing and maintaining my vibration of joy and enthusiasm in every aspect of my life, especially in times of crisis and challenging situations. I desire giving myself permission to surrender, and to be vulnerable in receiving my creations, allowing for breakthrough and release in stagnated areas of my life.

Don’t forget to add a wish specifying how you’d like to receive your wishes–in joy, amusement, grace, effortlessness–what have you.  Enjoy, and may this new moon start your holiday season in the vibration that most suits you, your dreams, and your wellness! 




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