Libran Energy and the New Moon

 September’s New Moon is in Libra.  Libra is a sign all about balance and partnership.  I personally love Libras. They are neutral and is highly organized.  I always love going to a Libra to get an impartial perspective.

The symbol for Libra is a balance scale.  Libras bring natural balance to a situation, and in doing so often make a point to be equitable in any given scenario, taking great care to ensure that all is fair.  Libra is an air sign, providing a great mental acuity, and are ruled by the planet Venus, who in Roman lore is the goddess of love and relationships. Thus, Libra is considered a partnership sign.  With a New Moon in Libra, we are invited to work on all aspects of relationships and partnerships, both with ourselves and others.

Where to focus your energy and wishes with the Libra New Moon

All relationships begin with some level of respect and affinity. Affinity is associated with the fourth chakra, or our heart center.  All relationships reflect some aspect of ourselves, and the Libra New Moon offers an extra boost of energy when it comes to focusing our intentions to manifest goals and desires around forms of relating.  Here are some sample guiding wishes in building the relationship with yourself so that you can manifest quality, fulfilling relationships in all aspects of your life

  1. Clarity: How do you see yourself?  The Libra lunar energy invites you to see yourself in a new light–through eyes of love and compassion.  When you can love yourself, embracing the light and the dark, it creates space to experience, give and receive love, without condition. It also invites compassion for others.  A sample wish may read something like this:  I desire opening myself up to loving myself without condition, releasing all foreign energies that cloud my affinity for myself and others.
  2. Trust:  Trust is the foundation of partnership. Do you trust where you are going?  Can you hear your guiding voice? Do you have self-doubt? Libran energy invites us to surrender our insecurities and trust our inner guidance system in creating what is most fulfilling in our lives.   Sample wishes regarding trust might be: I desire releasing all insecurities that disable me from completely trusting in my Higher Self. I desire clearing all energy that detracts me from hearing, and listening to, my inner voice. I desire creating space, and allowing for, relationships that validate my sense of trust.  I desire inviting relationships into my life that enable me to release fear when it comes to trusting others, and myself. 
  3. Communication: One of the easiest ways that relationships get diddled is through communication.  Just like hearing oneself clearly, it is important to have clarity and hear others clearly.  This doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to accommodate everyone’s communication style.  Nor does it mean that you have to allow for abusive or hurtful communication. What it does mean is that you give yourself the opportunity to listen neutrally to someone’s perspective.  This is easier said than done, as oftentimes reaction mode takes over when communication goes awry. Yet many times when people react, they are communicating through some kind of energy rather than their true feelings.  If you can listen neutrally, and let go of whatever energy is coming through when someone is speaking (with their body or with their mouth), you’ll be able to hear and see the truth of their communication. This can enable you to let go of someone who’s not honest, allow you to see where you might be being taken advantage of.  Alternatively it can create greater communication, intimacy, and collaboration among colleagues, your special someone, family, etc.; whomever you choose to partner with in life. Sample wishes: I desire communicating clearly to myself. I desire releasing all distractions and judgements so that I may hear my inner voice daily. I desire releasing all sabotaging communication patterns that get in the way of communicating with my partner/significant other.
  4. Partnership: I have found that the key to partnership, be it in business or personal, is allowing oneself to be vulnerable and imperfect in front of others. This requires trust from all parties involved, a good degree of self-acceptance, and an ability to go out on a limb and put yourself out there.  Sample wishes: I desire allowing myself to be vulnerable in front of others whom I trust. I desire releasing the concepts and programming within that say I must be perfect (in whatever way) before I can experience a close, loving, trusting relationship, both with myself and others. I desire inviting opportunities in my life that enable me to expand my circle of friends, that results in kinship and validation
  5. Romance/pleasure/sex:  Allowing yourself to experience and do fun things that you enjoy is where pleasure and romance are at.  Being comfortable in your own skin, your sensuality and sexuality results in validation for the body. And when your body is validated, you feel great!!  So, how do you experience pleasure? What fills you with joy and brings you peace? A walk in the woods? Art/museums? Coffee with someone you love? Have a little heart to heart with yourself and put on paper that which you’d like to call in to bring you greater pleasure, romance, and intimacy.  Sample wishes: I desire experiencing pleasure in everything I do, from the most mundane tasks to the most exciting adventures. I desire treating myself weekly to a date, meaning I make it a point to do something special that I like to do. I desire allowing myself to experience more of my sexuality with joy, releasing all guilt and shame associated with that space. 


Don’t forget to include an intention that specifies how you’d like to receive your wishes.  Samples include I desire receiving my wishes in ease and effortlessness.  I desire receiving my wishes in a state of grace. I desire to receive my wishes in a positive, surprising way.  Whatever floats your boat…it’s up to you!  Have fun creating and receiving your wishes and goals!  
































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