New Year and New Moon

The first month of 2020 is underway.  How has it been treating you? Before I get into New Moon specifics, I wanted to give pause to all the astroweather going on around us. 

The year started off with an eclipse–a full moon eclipse.   A full moon eclipse, while some say blinds us to things, I believe also brings our emotions front and center.  We cannot help having strong reactions, perhaps over-feeling our emotions and very often getting controlled by them.  Was this how the New Year started off for you? I know for me, while feeling hopeful, much of that hope was clouded with fear around different happenings in my life…happenings that I had no control over.  I had more drama than I wanted to. While the drama is still there, it’s not as upfront and personal as it appeared to be during the first couple of weeks of January.

Karma, Separation, Forgiveness, Change

Which brings me to the next point:  Karma, separation, forgiveness and change.  Much of the astro-events that have occurred this month (from a psychic perspective) have a lot to do with ending karma and letting go of the past.  This is a huge opportunity. What pattern are you finally done with? I’m not just talking about now, during this lifetime, but patterns that are crusted over from your spiritual past; aka your past lives.  What karma are you letting go of? Did you abuse power in some way? Did you give up your gains/goals/dreams so that others might have more? Were you responsible for large or small groups of people and are still carrying around that responsibility today?  Whatever karma and past life experiences you let go of, know that letting go offers an opportunity for great change–to recalibrate your life path if you so choose. And PS–sometimes we feel forced into letting go–which may be happening. If this is the case I recommend surrendering rather than going kicking and screaming.

 Aquarian New Moon

Which brings me to my final point: the New Moon.  This month we have a New Moon in Aquarius, and Uranus is musing about, awaiting to shower us with surprise(s). New Moons are all about beginnings, so what should you wish for?

Aquarius rules the unique, the eccentric, the unconventional, flow, and neutrality.  It also involves humor, invention, friends, society and humanity. Physically, Aquarius has domain over the legs.  Below are some sample wishes in these areas that you can use as a template to invite in change and allow for graceful release.   (And P.S.–Before you start listing your wishes, be sure to list out what you’re grateful for in your life; this could be as simple as showing up somewhere with free food, to finding parking easily and effortless, to getting more sleep.  There are many things to be grateful for.  Setting wishing with gratitude lets the universe know that you’re receptive to what’s on offer.  It also sets the tone for wishing at abundance.)

The Unconventional:  This is a great time to wish for change or progress in taking the path less traveled.  This can involve following your heart and allowing yourself to stand out and let your Freak Flag fly regarding something you really care about.  This might include giving yourself permission to change careers, to travel, to have an exciting life experience and cross something off your bucket list.  Sample wishes: I desire releasing programming/life stories that prevent me from ______________________. I desire taking the next actionable step in my goal to ______________ in order to move forward with ____________________. 

Innovation/Invention:  Sometimes you might not be able to see a way out of a situation, or desire a lightning bolt to get out of a circular pattern of thinking.  Inviting Innovation and Invention into your life allows you to think outside the box and gives you permission to color outside the lines. Sample wishes:  I desire inventive solutions to present themselves in regard to ____________________. I desire being open to new ideas and ways of thinking in order to allow myself to _______________.   I desire releasing mental and spiritual limits which prevent me from seeing all possible solutions/outcomes/possibilities in regard to _____________.

Friends/Society/Humanity: The energy of Aquarius can help each of us reset the energy in our agreements with others and society as a whole.  It can help us detach from troubling situations and separate from those individuals or groups which may be toxic or counterproductive in some way.  Alternatively, the energy of Aquarius may also help each of us to get closer to individuals, to be more open-minded, and thus more open to inviting friendships and group agreements into our lives that either 1) never presented themselves before or 2) we might never have considered before.  Sample wishes: I desire being open to having/allowing more friends in my life who can see and value me, and who validate who I am and my life path in present time. I desire releasing all past-time agreements that no longer validate me as spirit nor my goals in present time. I desire allowing my agreements with others to change; to release control and allow each of/all of us to grow in ways that help us be our best selves.  I desire working with the Supreme Being/God/my Higher Self to be my best self and discover/validate what I am here to do as a spirit in a body.

As with all wishes, don’t forget to include one that emphasizes how you would like to receive your wishes.  In what energy would you like them to manifest? In what state would you like to experience them? Sample wishes:  I desire for my wishes to manifest in grace and effortlessness. I desire that I consciously validate receiving my gifts that the Universe is offering me.  I desire being open and receptive to receiving my goals and wishes. 

Have a great lunar cycle, and may you get all your goals!



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