When I think of meditating, different images come to mind.  There’s the yogic position, hands folded in prayer while focusing on breath or chanting, there’s chanting, there’s lying down, listening to sounds.  There’s also the formal “assume posture” that I’ve been trained with: seated position, feet flat on the ground, palms open, resting on knees, and eyes closed.

The great thing about meditation is that it’s not only a healing tool, it can be done almost anywhere given the right tools and focus.  There is something very special in sitting in a light trance or meditative state for a good hour, but given the way life happens, this doesn’t always occur on a daily basis.  To accomodate, I’ve listed 12 ways you can still be mindful and achieve meditative benefits with a minimum 5 minute focus. The caveat? You should be doing these activities in a quiet space, alone, where you don’t need to speak to anyone. 

All these ways include some way of either narrowing your focus so that you are in the present moment OR getting to the present moment by letting your mind wander, releasing all the daily “cling-ons” so that you can come back to yourself  and be in the present moment. I hope you will find some of them useful! Here goes:

1. Take a hike.

Literally.  Ideally in nature.  Don’t tune in to your music.  Instead tune in to the trees around you.  They are naturally grounded to the Earth. And being out in nature is naturally grounding.  We are carbon-based organisms. When we are outside it’s easy to match Her groundedness, naturally grounding ourselves.  When we ground we become more present, relax and release energetic garbage in our space. We get a great healing from matching the energy outdoors and separating from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

2. Do a physical activity that allows you to focus on body and breath.

What form of physical activity do you love?  Swimming, running, yoga, HIIT?   It can be a challenge to make time for physical activity.  I notice when I give to myself in this way, the benefits far outweigh the challenges.  Personally, yoga seems to get me to  be present with my body the fastest.  And while Some days yoga is harder than others, and I try to do a minimum of 20 minutes. The breathing, and loosening of tension helps me focus on my body.   I get out of my day and into whatever I’m doing in that moment. I take a break from all my to-do lists.

3. Enjoy a body healing.

Receiving a body healing is validation!  What better way to give to yourself spiritually and physically than by taking time to mentally separate from whatever’s going on while releasing toxins and stress that manifest as tension.  Body healings are a  great form of healing–and a possible opportunity for a good nap.

4. Be mindful while eating.

Shut off the TV. Turn off your phone and put it out of sight.  Chew each bite at least 20 times. Thank your body for getting you through the day.  Pause and appreciate the job it does for you.  Relax.  Your body (and digestion) will thank you!

5. Bless your food.

Many people and families bless their food with gratitude or prayer.  You can go a step further by setting the energy of your food. Simply sit down, close your eyes, and place your hands over your food.  Imagine your food at a gold vibration–a very neutral, high vibration. Give it gratitude for the nourishment it’s about to give you. Eat several meals this way and notice how you feel afterward.  

6. Set the energy of your water.

Some years back Dr. Masaru Emoto began doing studies on what happened when we prayed and gave blessings to water.  He and his researchers filmed water crystals before and after the process.  Do this to your water before your drink it. This is an easy way to a) get enough water and b) up the vibration in your body!

7. Do a repetitive, mindless activity.

Sometimes not thinking about anything is just what’s needed to take a break and refocus on ourselves. Doing a repetitive activity (without distracting background noise–like phones, TV, etc.) can make for easy, mindless focus.  Be it doing dishes, coloring, or folding laundry; all require no thinking.   For me, sorting through my son’s toys (when he’s not around to unsort them), is strangely calming. After a few minutes I find myself more relaxed. I’m calmer and my mind is clear and focused.  Who knew?

8. Take a drive.

Taking a long drive by oneself at least once a month is a good way to clear out head noise in  and gain (physical) distance from responsibility.  A calming, stress-free drive with your favorite music (or not) allows you to  get back to you–without all the worries and to-dos.  

9. Clean

Clean out all the growth periods; all the energy you’ve dealt with in your living space for the past month or week(s).  Cleaning allows you to  set your living space at simplicity and flow. It allows you to move out everyone’s energy’s and growth periods, including your own.

10. Journal

Journal in the morning: get all the thoughts out of your head and set the tone of your day.  This is ideal if you can do it when you’re alone or having quiet time.  I find that when I get out all of my to-dos, my thoughts, my worries, and just things on my mind, I have a more productive day and have better focus.

11. Journal

Journal at night:  get all the thoughts out of your head.  Sometimes I can’t sleep because I have too many ideas or too many worries, so I put them in a journal. This does not have to be coherent writing. It is writing down thoughts.  Once they’re all out I find that I’m calmer and can sleep easier. 


12. Get your hands dirty!

Get those creative juices flowing!  Garden, paint, do whatver makes you feel alive and happy.  The goal is to enjoy yourself, validate your abilities, and give yourself the opportunity to be in your flow—no expectations allowed!  When in a state of ceative enjoyment, your enthusiasm for yourself is renewed, you release responsibility and heal yourself.   Have fun!


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