Karma: A Psychic Perspective

Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon;  you come and go, you come and go… in the word’s of Culture Club, who is very correct, by the way.  From a psychic perspective, karma is the constant exchange of energy.  It keeps the universe going—kind of like the first law of thermodynamics:  energy is neither created or destroyed.   

Karma can color the lens through which we see someone or situation. Oftentimes it can make us feel in an extreme way with no explicable or justifiable reason.  Because of karma, and past/future life experiences, we may be unconsciously storing someone else’s energy or information in our space either from this lifetime, previous lifetimes, or future lifetimes.  We may have held on to it to help them in some way, say accomplish a task, or we may have stolen information from them in order to get what we want and get ahead.  

Karma, plain and simple, is the exchange of energy.  As such, it can shape how we perceive our existence, or  how we create our experience of this lifetime.  Should we choose (free will, anyone?), we don’t have to be dominated by it, as living by the whims of karma can make for a lot of drama.  Ending it on the other hand, being aware of it, can invite freedom and give us more permission to create the lives we wish. Calling back our energy, ending karma, can be a means of hyperfocusing our energy for our next creative adventure/highest experience of Self, while also giving others the freedom to do the same!

Karmic Experience 1: Callings

Sometimes we are drawn to geographic locations for no rhyme or reason.  Oftentimes it’s because we’ve left our energy in that part of the world over llfetimes.  This isn’t good or bad, right or wrong; it simply is.  When we are drawn to that part of the world and go there, we are either creating or ending karma.  We can create karma by making new agreements in that place with others, leaving more of our energy there—saving a place so to speak.  OR we can end karma, or some of it at least, by going there, and calling our energy back to take with us on our next venture in life. 

Karmic Experience 2: I love you!

Sometimes we may have love at first sight instances, or lust at first sight instances.  I remember a man whom when I met for the first time I got flushed and couldn’t talk.  This has only happened a couple of instances in my lifetime.  Everytime I would be around him I couldn’t say anything, or if I tried to distract myself by doing something in another room or other activity, I could only think of him.  This was exciting but also frustrating.  AND he wasn’t interested in me  (I know because I asked him on a date).   

One night I saw this man in my dream.  He approached me while I was cleaning my closet.  When I opened the closet, piles of his things fell out.  He was there to collect his things.  I gave everything back to him, mortified that I had so many of his things.  My astral self couldn’t comprehend why I had so many of his things, nor how it all fit in the closet.  When I woke up, I realized that I was giving him back all of his information and energy.  His “stuff” was all of his energy that I had accumulated over lifetimes of experiences with him.  After that, in my waking life, he didn’t hold so much sway over me.  I felt freer and lighter. We didn’t even have to date to do this physically;0)

Karmic Experience 3: I hate you!

Another example of when you might have a lot of karma with someone is that for no reason, you just can’t stand a person.  One day at a workshop I sat next to a woman I didn’t know and had never seen before in my church.  I automatically didn’t like her and did not want to be next to her.  Over the course of the workshop we worked together several times (to my chagrin).  By the end of the workshop, her physical presence didn’t bother me so much.  This was because over the course of the workshop we swapped back our energy.  

Karma and Family

You will undeniably have karma with your family members.  I have yet to encounter a karma-free family.  When a little angel baby, or baby-being is floating around, waiting to take a body, it and the future mother seek to clear karma–to get all the old energy out of the way so the new, soon to begin life together, can have more freedom, so that there can be more permission to create and live their life from one’s own truth, or God of Heart, rather than from rules, expectation, or from trying to finish up, or make up for, unfinished business of the past (or future).  

Karma isn’t always easy to deal with, yet it doesn’t need to put kinks in your life experience and plan.  You can get over it. 

Releasing Karma

One way to get over karma, or to end an agreement or bring it into present time (in order to release past or future life experience), is to visualize an energy exchange with the person you’re trying to be neutral to, or let their energy go.  If they don’t want it back, they can just let it go to the earth or give it to the Supreme Being.  You don’t need to worry about what they’ll do with their energy.  Your job is to give it back.  Giving it back can clear off charge.  And if you can’t give it back, it means it’s not theirs.  You may do this with friends, loved ones, not-so-loved ones, family members, and even strangers.  Repeat the clearing process as many times you think is necessary–maybe from 2-5 times.

Sometimes I’ll see the same random person over and over.  I’ll cross paths with them 2-3 times in one day.  These encounters manifest themselves in various ways.  For example, it seems that they’re following me in the grocery store for the whole trip…even into the parking lot.  Or I’m on a walk and I see them several times.  To me, that’s an opportunity to say hello to them as spirit and end karma.  It means, “Oh, they must have some of my energy and I must have some of theirs.  Let’s give each other back our energy.”

Tiny Caveats

I cannot neglect to mention that because you clear karma with someone one time, that it’s over and done with forever.  In my experience, the universe doesn’t work like that.  The universe is a creative place, and you it’s possible that you may create more.  The goal in clearing, and releasing, is to be free of the energy and agreements that may be controlling you in someway.

Additionally, I realize there is an infinite abundance of information on karma out there.  This is a simple perspective used to grasp at something, when diven into, can get extremely complex. Keep it simple I say!


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