What is an Aura?

Auras are our energy signature, and they are never boring.  They are literal energy reflection of us. 

Scientifically, this is how I see it:  All of us are energy. We are composed of matter.  Our solid form, our body, is the manifestation of the super-slow form of matter.  This form comes with amazing biological differentiation found in each atom of each molecule of our bodies, from our blood cells to our DNA, RNA, mitochondria, brain cells, nerves and everything in between.  To call it amazing is an understatement; and it never ceases to amaze me how miraculous our bodies are. (We still don’t know all of its capabilities!)

The aura is the energy of you:  matter–only faster moving; faster than the cells that make up your physical body.  I also see the aura as an “in-between.” While your physical body occupies time and space, your aura not only occupies time and space, but also that which is not time and space.  I’m not sure what that would be called…ether?  The in-between?  (I also know that that’s very unscientific of me.)

The aura, as your energy signature, is biodynamic.  If you’ve ever seen, or had auric (Kirlian) photography done, you would notice the color draped around your physical form is a result of the electromagnetic signatures registered through hand-sensor plates.  Kirlian photography, with time and modification, has become a way to physically see the aura, while offering insight into the spiritual workings of an individual.

During my training as a spiritual counselor, I would often attend events where an aura camera was available.  The intent of getting an aura photograph done (besides for the fun of it and to physically see my aura) was to see how my energy changed over the course of a lecture or a workshop, validating that energy work was indeed real.  The photographs taken before and after a workshop illustrated that yes, my energy changed, and yes, it changed fast! I bring this point up to emphasize that energy is ever moving, and that opportunities for change exist in every moment of every day.

What does an aura do?

Besides being an energetic reflection of you as live and create your life through your physical body, your aura is also your spiritual trademark through which your spiritual information is accessed in the physical universe.  The aura gives us a glimpse into our divinity, and is proof positive that we are indeed creative energy. This energy is processed through our chakras and generated through the layers of the aura. When I think of layers of the auras, I think of them as houses for different types of spiritual information.  For this reason, layers of the aura are associated with a certain chakra.  When I do an aura reading or spiritual counseling, I look at these layers.  A color or group of colors will vibrate within each one, and those colors intone some sort of meeting for the individual.  And while some colors may mean certain energy signatures, like green for money, growth, renewal–it’s not always the case. Colors in people’s auras are unique unto them.  There is no one size fits all description. The color generated and seen is dependent on what that person is creating and work on along their path at that particular moment in time.

Changing your Aura = Changing your Space

Sometimes we become the energy in our aura.  Usually this energy isn’t ours. What I mean by this is that just as our physical spaces (home, room, car, etc.) can get cluttered with stuff, so too can our spiritual space.  An aura can be full of things, (other than oneself). It can get filled with concepts, certain stories or programs, others’ energy, projects, symbols, etc. At different times during the day, or in different locations, one may vibrate their aura differently to match others’ energy in order to communicate better and/or to heal energy.  For this reason, auras can change from one moment to the next. For example, if you were to let go of a particular energy (such as anxiety), you would then have space and permission to run more of your own genuine, creative vibration. The trick is to be intentional and conscientious as to what you want to replace the energy you let go of, with. 

Letting go of old energy to allow change is sometimes easier said than done.  There are multiple ways to let go of old energy in your space. This can be done through different forms of exercise, like running, yoga, tai-chi or Qi-gong and through meditation.  When energy is sticky and difficult to move out, more support is needed. Types of “sticky energy” include that which causes emotional or spiritual pain, or the continual replay of the same old story in your life. Conventional and progressive medicine offers support for healing and release in the form of therapy.  I am in no way discounting this form of healing, but wanted to emphasize that energetic healings, spiritual counseling, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping) can also be beneficial and effective. With any of these tools one is giving themselves space to simply be and go within. This validates where they’ve been as a spirit, as well as where they are going.  Additionally, it enables one to let go of any emotions that are getting in the way of communicating with the inner self. When we do this, we remember our spiritual self, our divinity, and in doing so remember that we are connected to the Great Spirit, Supreme Being, God (what have you). This reassurance enables a vital reconnect, the validation that we are more than our physical bodies and are, indeed, the creators of our universe.

If you’re interested in receiving a counseling or healing, let me know.  If you’re interested in being guided through EFT, check out this video tutorial and blog post to read up on additional information.  And finally, if you’d like to learn more in general, and are gung-ho about creating change and taking time more often to go within and remember yourself as spirit, take a minute to read about setting energy.  




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