What are chakras? 

We have chakras everywhere.  There are seven main chakras that we usually see on a chakra person diagram, but we also have chakras on our hands and feet, fingers and toes.  In this post I’ll talk about the seven main chakras and the spiritual abilities associated with each one. 

Why are they important?

Chakras are important because they help us maintain the vitality in our body.  They help us with dreaming, communication, energy distribution, creativity, our emotions, and even our sexuality.  They help us stay connected to who we are as a spirit. They enable us to express our divine spark through the cells that make up our physicality. 

Where are the chakras located?

There are seven main chakras, each with its own physical location and spiritual ability.  I’ve listed them below:

  1. The first chakra is located right beneath the navel at the base of the spine. It is often referred to as the root chakra.  This chakra handles all your survival information, like getting enough to eat, having a place to live, keeping warm, and keeping your body safe.  If we’re in a growth period, maybe struggling financially, or just recovering from an illness or accident, this chakra can be very open. It means that’s where our energy is focused in order to get our body’s well-being (including mental) back on track.
  2. The second chakra is located right at the navel.  This chakra is associated with clairsentience– the ability to feel your emotions and the emotions of others.  It also houses your sexual energy and information. If you feel it when someone else is hurt or cries and can really relate to someone else’s emotions, (hello empaths), that’s your second chakra abilities at work for you. 
  3. The third chakra is located at the solar plexus.  It is associated with several abilities. First, it handles the energy distribution in your body.  Second, it houses your astral body–that part of you that goes to the astral, or dream space. What you remember from your dreams, called Out of Body Memory, is also located in the third chakra. 
  4. The fourth chakra is your heart chakra, located in the middle of your sternum, to the right of where your physical heart is.  This chakra houses your inner child, self-affinity and affinity for others. I often find that it is natural to have this chakra more open than the others.  Many times energy healers, caregivers, and those who “have a big heart,” taking care of everyone before themselves, literally have a big heart chakra.  
  5. The fifth chakra is located at your throat and is in charge of communication.  And it’s not just your speaking communication, but your telepathic communication.  It is also houses your creativity and your inner voice. Have you ever noticed around the holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, that many people have a cold?  Energetically this is people cleaning out the overload of telepathic communication that goes on during the holidays (you know, family, friends, the demand/expectation to get together, visits, etc.)  Too much too fast and we all become snotty.
  6. The sixth chakra is located at the center of your head.  This is your “third eye;” the chakra associated with the ability of clairvoyance.  It’s your “sixth sense” of intuition as well. Ever know which line will be the shortest at the grocery store or who’s calling you, or think of a song and blam-o, suddenly it’s playing on the radio?  It’s your 6th chakra abilities at work.
  7. The seventh chakra is located at the crown of your head.  This chakra helps you channel information; information that’s yours and information that’s not (for example, someone else’s work vision, like a boss or company).  You set energy from this chakra, meaning it’s the essence in that setting where people get an idea/first impression of who you are. This chakra helps us in social settings, matching energy and knowing how to “act,” even in situations we’ve never been in before.  This chakra also helps us in setting energy (rather than reacting to it) so that we can have the best possible experience for ourselves, in whatever situation. You can find out more about setting energy here.

How do you know if your chakras are in or out of balance?

Generally, if your chakras are in balance, you feel healthy.  Chakras are integrated into the body, so usually there are physical cues that things might be stuck or awry in some way.  For example, digestion is associated with the 3rd chakra, so if digestion is off/not in balance, there may be an energy behind that that is affecting the 3rd chakra.  Likewise, if your heart is all a flutter about someone or something, this energy is more than likely lit up in your 4th chakra, and causing it to radiate.   

Chakra Self-Healing and Awareness Exercise

A great way to get a handle on your chakras is to give yourself a little self healing and chakra validation.  What you can do is close your eyes and go within. Allow your awareness to come to your mind’s eye, or the space right above your eyes, in the middle of your forehead (aka the location of your 6th chakra).  Take a few deep breaths and rub your hands together. Then, place an open palm over a chakra and notice what it feels like. Do you feel warmth, vibration, coolness? Just breath, relax, and notice what happens when you say hello to your chakras in this way.  What sensations do you feel? Is it easier to let go of tension? Do this for each of your chakras, and remember that there is no right or wrong response to what you notice. Just having an awareness is the key which in turn facilitates better body-being communication with your and initiates the process for change and healing.

You can use this to as a tool to give yourself a chakra healing, or to set the energy of your chakras each day (choose a color and/or energy vibration, color and/or write the vibration on the chakra itself, hang on the fridge, wall, or mirror).  Let me know how it goes!  


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