Amy Rojas

Amy Rojas

Teacher, Healer, Counselor | You, Illuminated!

Hi Everyone! I’m Amy.  I am an intuitive counselor, healer, and spiritual teacher.  I grew up being a psychic child.  That may sound crazy, but it’s true!  While there were good things about this, there were scary things too. This fear resulted in me turning down my abilities until early adulthood, when I began to understand them through my first spiritual counseling and meditation class.

Using  psychic  (or spiritual) abilities has helped me create positive change in my life.  They’ve helped me to manifest my home, my family, and above all recover from traumatic life experiences.  

Why I Created This Space

I created this space to help empower and teach others to consciously create and live their best life–in whatever form that takes; to remind others to be mindful of, and embrace, their spiritual abilities and spiritual health—because everything begins with spirit—that divine, creative spark within. What’s more, I believe we are all sensitive psychics and are either conscious or unconscious of our spiritual abilities to varying degrees.  This sensitivity, if not recognized, can cause disharmony in our lives, and when recognized, allows opportunities for miracles and positive growth.

Other Tidbits

I find that I am happiest when showing others their connection to their Higher Self and validation that comes from actively saying hello to the divine spark within in the form of counseling, writing, and teaching.  I hold a Master’s Degree in Education from San Francisco State University and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Language Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  I am a lay minister, and when not working or creating, enjoy spending time with my family.  My philosophy is to have fun with life (not always easy), expect miracles, forgive yourself (forgiveness is my salve), and above all, be with God/dess.

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